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About Us

CyBike is born out of passion!

Located in County Durham, CyBike is putting over 40 years of passion for Japanese motorcycles into helping other enthusiasts preserve and revive their classic Japanese bikes we all nurse and cherish so much. As an Independent company, CyBike are not franchised to Honda or any other motorcycle manufacture, giving us the freedom to search global suppliers for the best deals.

Like a child our birth is the start of an exciting journey. A journey that will see us grow into the number 1 choice for vintage Japanese motorcycle parts in Europe. How do we grow? Simple! We nurture everything we do! We provide exciting products at keenest prices, most importantly we aim to give you great service every time!

We Are CyBike

Passionate about classic Japanese!

Passionate about parts!

Passionate about prices!

Passionate about service!

Have your Passion Reborn with CyBike